Adaptive Planning Budgeting, Forecasting & Reporting

Shorten Finance Cycle Times and Engage Business Users With Intuitive Budgeting, Analysis, Forecasting, and Planning Software

Rescue your budgeting, planning, and forecasting from slow and painful manual analysis processes with planning software for finance teams proven to improve productivity by more than 70%. Integrate revenue and expense planning, use rolling forecasts, and analyze performance. Enjoy the benefits of using a cloud-based planning system and work the way you want to work – on the web, in Excel, or mobile.

Finally, a Consolidated Source of Truth

Stop wrestling with static spreadsheets and fixing broken calculations and formulas. Our flexible finance planning software centralises budgets, actuals, plans, forecasts, calculations, and cell notes to ensure integrity—from summary to detail. Work from a common data foundation that builds trust and accountability, and ensures that your planning processes scale with your business. That means your team will spend more time analyzing the business and working with stakeholders instead of wasting time uncovering the cause of a dreaded #N/A, #NAME?, or #REF! in their models and reports. Our built-in cell explorer provides a complete audit trail, so you can see the source behind any value, formula or assumption.

The Power to Plan Anything: Integrated Business Planning

From budgeting expenses to creating financial statements and forecasting revenue, Workday Adaptive Planning accommodates all types of modeling—workforce, capital, and revenue—following any type of calendar structure across all industries and sizes. Financial and currency logic eliminates the complexities of departmental and global planning. It’s integrated planning that drives transparency throughout the organization.

Continuous Business Planning and Rolling Forecasts, Top-Down or Bottom-Up

Our planning and forecasting software enables rolling forecasts with integrated driver-based scenarios that you can tune in real time. With the latest actuals, assumptions, and modules always at hand—and truly responsive calculations and reports—Workday Adaptive Planning lets you proactively manage change, model outcomes, and course-correct at the pace your business demands. The intuitive experience will let you scale your planning processes across your entire organization.

Easy, Powerful, and Fast Formulas

Create formulas that represent the true realities of your business in all its complexity with ease. With extensive business logic and calculations at your fingertips, it’s easy to write, explain, and maintain complex formulas. Write them once and apply them anywhere in your model, wherever it makes sense, whether that’s in the planning stages, analysis, or in both.

Flexibly Model with any Calendar

We let you easily setup your own standard or custom calendar to follow break periods and roll-ups that better match your business. For example, higher education plans might use semesters or trimesters while retailers might have a 13-period calendar or roll-up from weeks to periods to seasons. It’s up to you. While alternative vendors might offer time granularity, their static calendars are inflexible and hard-coded into their systems.

Plan each facet of your business in a different time granularity, whether that’s daily, weekly, monthly, bi-annually, or annually. Model expenses monthly and plan for daily or weekly bookings, events, and campaigns. Engage operational teams that plan week-by-week or day-by-day, like front-line managers who forecast revenue every week, to create more continuous planning cycles. Plan at the time granularity you require for the business, but roll it all up for a unified view.

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