Modelling and Forecasting

Financial Modelling is at the heart of what we do


Accelerate business insights by modelling rapidly

We implement Workday Adaptive Planning to deliver a BI engine that’s intelligent and scalable, and understands complex model dependencies. It can calculate model elements in parallel and elastically add memory and computing power when you need it. That’s less waiting for you—and faster performance insights for decision-makers.

You’re a modern business. Now you can model like one.

Outdated financial and business planning platforms can leave modern businesses struggling with limitations on model size, dimensionality, number of versions, and batching, not to mention constraints on the number of what-if scenarios you can run. Adaptive Insights doesn’t have those limitations, freeing you to model as you want, when you want, and as much as you want.

Easily connect to ERP, GL, HCM, and other data sources.

No other planning solution has the speed, flexibility, and acclaimed ease-of-use. And thanks to a tight, platform-agnostic integration with back-end enterprise solutions from NetSuite, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, and others, you can keep models always up to date by automatically feeding them with data from your ERP, GL, HCM, and CRM systems.

Excel user? Welcome to a seamless experience.

We’re all about flexibility. Choose from multiple interfaces that let you work the way you’re accustomed to—even as you move away from manual data entry and strict modelling limits to powerful, automated processes and the ability to model anything you want. Our familiar, easy-to-use web-based planning sheets deliver an Excel-like experience with all the benefits of collaborative cloud modeling. No matter what interface you choose, you can take advantage of centralised data entry, instantly calculated results, organisational security, and management workflow that eliminates duplicated time and effort.


Planning Systems

We are a Workday Adaptive Planning Certified Partner with our sole focus to deliver great Financial Budgeting, Reporting and Business Intelligence solutions for our clients.

Nothing is too hard for us and we love coming up with creative solutions to your budgeting and business performance dashboard needs.


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