Plan as a Team With Built-in Collaboration


An active planning process is a collaboration between your finance team and the rest of your organization. It’s based on shared, robust financial and operational models, and it’s a continuous, ongoing process rather than a traditional once-a-year budgeting event. Workday Adaptive Planning enables the entire collaborative planning process from modeling your business to monitoring and analyzing your business performance to generating and sharing reports and dashboards.

Orchestrate Your Team

Workday Adaptive Planning’s native workflow allows you and your team to sequence, assign, and track tasks for business owners throughout the planning process.

Manage Processes With Clear Visibility

Workday Adaptive Planning’s Process Tracker helps you manage collaboration and provides real-time visibility into the status of planning processes and individual tasks across your organization. Assign process tasks to contributing users and then track their progress at the individual and cross-process level.

Make It Easy for People to Participate

Easily create step-by-step guides for your users, tailored to their specific roles, with links directly to the location in the financial model where their input is required. Simplify the process and help occasional or new users collaborate in each budget and planning cycle.

Share Notes With Everyone

Cell notes enable users to enter comments, assumptions, instructions, and a variety of other information useful for collaboratively planning. Notes follow a cell, making information available to reports and dashboards leveraging data and formulas from that cell.

Respond to Change With Agility

Compare plan versus actuals as a team and you’ll understand what happened. With that knowledge, you can collaborate to determine how and why the variance occurred. Drill down to underlying detail to analyze contributing factors. With real-time information, you can use your variance analysis insights to evaluate alternatives to course-correct. With scenario management, you can determine the best path to achieve your objectives, despite changes or challenges during execution.

See How It’s All Connected

Visual Model Overview allows you to quickly grasp your business model and data flows in a single view. See a graphical representation of your model that dynamically updates with the version and level you select. Understand your model and data flows without clicking through multiple pages. Grasp your overall planning process quickly. Enable new administrators to come up to speed with ease and to quickly understand your model.